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10/08/2019 All Class Cattle Sale

10/12/2019 Hay, Goat, Sheep, & Hog Sale 10:30 a.m.

10/15/2019 Anniversary Calf Sale

10/22/2019 Calf Special

10/29/2019 Calf Special

ANNIVERSARY CALF SALE - Tuesday, October 15th    Click Here to View / Print Sale Listing

9:00 am CT Weigh Ups  ~ 1:00 pm Afternoon Sale

Complimentary meal



                HOLLAWAY RANCH

130 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Red/Charx weighing 350-550 lbs SS FS KC PC HR OC


                 JARED COX

130 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Bw/Rw weighing 400-600 lbs FS KC PC HR OC No Implants TD Angus/Nelson Herefords

Hfrs are not branded


                KEVIN HARVEY

120 hd of strs/hfrs Blk weighing 400-550 lbs SS PC HR OC

                 RANDY & BRYAN SHEFFIELD

115 hd of strs/hfrs CharX weighing 400-600 lbs  SS FS HR OC


                 TIM & MARY THOMPSON

105 hd of strs/hfrs Blk weighing 450-550 lbs SS FS KC PC OC

                 JEFF DEWEY

100 hd of strs/hfrs Herefords weighing 700-900 lbs  Long Time Weaned Off grass Hfrs will be replacement quality


                 JIM RITENOUR

100 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Bwf weighing 500-600 lbs SS FS KC OC Poured w/ Ivermectin Kraye Angus Genetics

                AARON BOSWELL

90 hd of strs/hfrs Red/Blk & Spots weighing 650-800 lbs All Corrientes Shots & Poured in the Spring

              -15 hd of strs  Fresh & Roped

              -55 hd of Dehorned Bred Corriente hfrs

              -30 hd of fresh roping heifers-all have been exposed to Corriente bull 


                DEREK & DESSIE SCHAEFFER

69 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Bwf weighing 425-550 lbs SS FS KC PC HR No Implants Poured w/ Cydectin


                BRADY WEINMAN

65 hd of  strs/hfrs CharX weighing 400-600 lbs PC KC HR OC


                H & H CATTLE LLC

55 hd of strs/hfrs Blk Angus weighing 500-550 lbs SS FS PC TD Angus Bulls BQA Certified

                WHITE RANCH

58 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Bwf/few Red SS FS KC HR 

                MARK MILLER/ COFER

50 hd of strs Blk/few red weighing 650 lbs SS PC KC HR No Implants Off of cow, Poured w/ Clean-up Berger/Daigger genetics



50 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Rd weighing 475-575 lbs SS FS PC KC HR No Implants Poured


                JIM & CHRISTI BOYLE

42 hd of strs/hfrs Mostly Blk weighing 300-500 lbs SS FS PC KC OC Poured


                JIM & JUDY GRAGG

41 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Bwf/Rd weighing 450-550 lbs SS HR PC KC Poured

               NEIL & CASSIE SUNDSTROM

36 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Bwf weighing 375 -400 lbs SS Off the cow

5   hd of Yearling hfrs

2 pairs Late Calvers


               NATE MCNUTT

31 hd of strs Blk weighing 525 lbs HR PC KC Daigger  Genetics

               JUSTIN BANZHAF

25 hd of strs/hfrs Blk weighing 550-600 lbs SS FS PC KC HR BB OC


               BEN & MARYANN FOX

               KEVIN & HEATHER FOX

25 hd of str/hfrs Blk weighing 500-600 lbs SS HR

               BEN COCHRAN

20 hd of strs/hfrs Red Angus weighing 550-625 lbs SS Off of cow

               BUD CLARK 

18 hd of strs/hfrs Blk/Char/Red weighing 400-550 lbs SS KC OC



17 hd of strs/hfrs Blk weighing 400-600 lbs FS HR OC Poured w/ Ivermec  


                HEATH RASMUSSEN  

10 hd of Pregged Open Hfrs Blk weighing 900 lbs 

                LARRY TRENARY

10 hd of Strs Red/Char weighing 700 lbs SS FS PC KC No Implants Long Time Weaned

                DANIEL DAMERON

9 hd of strs/hfrs Blk weighing 400-500 lbs SS FS PC Poured

                LANA WEBSTER

7 hd of hfrs Red Angus weighing 730 lbs SS FS PC HR Bangs Vaccinated, Replacement Quality

               KEN WITTHUHN

6 hd of hfrs Blk/Bwf weighing 900 lbs Long Time Weaned Pregged Open

North Platte Stockyards, LLC offers a weekly Tuesday livestock sale in North Platte Nebraska. Special sales include yearling, cow calf, bred cows and a monthly horse sale. Online bidding through Cattle USA. Kyle Layman, auctioneer and owner invites producers to consign early to sell in upcoming auctions.

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Marvin Mueller - Field Rep  308.539.2663

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Rocky Sailors-Field Rep 308.362.7111

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